From the recording Back to the Farm

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Mixed by Dave Lange; Mastered by Ray Tilkens; Copyright w/ Library Congress by Gary Jay Hoffman; ISRC QMEU32009761; Guitar and vocals Gary; Harmonica Vince Fireball; Electric BASS Gary; Telecaster Guitar Gary; Drums TJ Maestro; Valley Girl Nancy Griffith Cochran; Sound effects from - Harley casemundy, door/open close pointparkcinema; Bartender / biker conversation unknown nyuk nyuk nyuk.


Disorderly Conduct
Intro A → E → A 1/4/5 Chris LeDeoux style
Verse: A / D / A / E
Chorus: D / A / E / D / A / E

Way back in the day when I was younger,
I played in the All Around Cowboy Band
My brother Chris & me on guitars,

With Donnie on drums and Paul on bass
We played every bar and holes in the wall,
From MD, DC & northern VA too

HEY we heard about this bar in Fairfax City
A BIKER bar named Pamir,
where big biker dudes and chicks well they ruled the roost..
And if a VALLEY girl went in there
they might slap her pretty off to Zombie city
So we were wondering what to do??
Should we play there?

----------CHORUS #1:--------
We were worried the bikers would break into a bad fight
Disturbing the peace with DISORDERLY CONDUCT (x2)


So we decided to play that biker bar
Man we were having a whole lot of fun
Some of the nicest folks, we ever met!
The show was going really well
til a fight broke out
Things went DownHILL!
According to an eye witness this is how it went DOWN:

Paul says Donnie threw a drum stick,
hit him in the back of his head
SO Paul yanked his cord and whipped it cross Donnie's face
About that time me & Chris stopped to see
What all the commotion was about
That's when we noticed Donnie & Paul DOOKING it out!

So Bikers jumped on the stage
separated Donnie & Paul & said:
We don't like you disturbing our peace
You don't leave we'll call the police
That's HOW the BIKERS broke up the BAND fight!

----------CHORUS #2:--------------
Yeah, the night the BIKERS broke up the Band fight
For disturbing the peace with disorderly conduct (x2)


Repeat chorus #2