Hello Music Lover,

Instead of relying on ‘spot-a-fly’' or ‘YouTube’ monetization, I will post many of our LIVE shows on my new VIDEO channel.  I am asking for a a periodical donation for support (whatever you can afford).  Other artists I see ask for $4.99 per month, some $2 per month, etc.  For right now, this donation is whatever you can afford to donate for THIS YEAR (e.g. $12, $25, $50, $120, etc).  We are trying to record a NEW LIVE album so anything can help.

To gain access to a ‘COUNTRY CLUB’ membership, just donate SOMETHING ($1?) and I will provide access to the ‘COUNTRY CLUB’ area (Drop Down Menu Under ‘THE SHOW’):

  • Access to archived LIVE shows & there are some great ones!!
  • Gift - FREE DOWNLOAD (provide me your email)
  • Access to exclusive/unreleased songs or LIVE recordings
  • Access to new songs and albums before anyone else
  • Exclusive discounts on merch

Donations now would help us in completion of new album.  To give you a taste, see below the first single ‘Heartbreak Prison’ available from new album ‘Burning Down The Riverview Tavern’.  Also, during the ‘Music of America’ podcast you heard the NEW version of ‘Sweet Irish Cream’ that will also be on the new album. :-)

Hope you will support my music & thanks for joining my COUNTRY CLUB!  Steps/reminders below:

  1. Donate something for COUNTRY CLUB access
  2. Send an EMAIL with your EMAIL address – send to mailto:garjayfire@gmail.com   Use FORM below.
  3. I will EMAIL you the PASSWORD for COUNTRY CLUB access + FREE DOWNLOAD.
  4. NOTE:  Please do NOT share PASSWORD.  Instead, share this page so we can add more subscribers & donations.  http://www.gjfire.club/ 

Thanks. -GaryJ

Donation via VENMO or CASHapp:

Example of LIVE SHOWS available exclusively in GJ's COUNTRY CLUB / New Single: