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Mixed by James Barille; Mastered by Ray Tilkens; Copyright w/ Library Congress by Gary Jay Hoffman; ISRC QMEU32009756; Guitar & vocals by Gary; Backup vocals Nancy Griffith-Cochran; Cello / Violin / Fiddle / Mandolin Upright Bass Mark Lewis; Gravel Shaker / Cabasa Hand Percussion Nathan Jay Strong.


Simple Fiddle Song

INTRO: High walk down guitar lick (#) Guitar lick over G to/from C (x2 = twice)

Well I walked through the door
and I did a double-take
I thought I just saw heaven,
for sure she took the cake
And I felt like a nerd
asking for a prom date
My lips began to quiver
and my knees began to shake

G/C lead x2

Well she held that treasure in her hands
and I was mesmerized
I ask if could hear her fiddle
but it was ill-advised
She landed with an angry look,
the fiddle I despise
country boy step aside <BREAK>

Can't we play together?
A simple fiddle song?
Play it like Nikki Sanders
SAW it all night long... ...

G/C lead x2

She said she was trained in SUZIKI METHODOLOGY
I said we have something in common,
I can drive one in the mud
She nearly fell down laughing
at my silly joke
She began to loosen up
and took a sip of my RUM N Coke.

I guess we'll play together
A simple fiddle song
Though I learned at Julliard
SAW it all night long... ...

G/C lead x2


Now we're playing together
A simple fiddle song
Play it like Becky Buller
SAW it all night long...

G/C lead x2 -> end