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Mixed by Dave Lange; Mastered by Ray Tilkens; Copyright w/ Library Congress by Gary Jay Hoffman; ISRC QMEU32009757; Guitar & vocals by Gary; Fiddle Mark Lewis; Farmers Seed Foot Pedal Dave Lange; Flute Laurie Blue.


Sweet Irish Cream (Em)
Slow Intro -> Fast intro

Verse 1
(Em) While on holiday in Dingle
near the (Dsus2) Ring of Kerry
I (Asus2) spotted a young lassie
delivering for her (Em) dairy

Verse 2
I followed her into a cafe -
but lost my nerve to speak
Her beauty left me speechless,
she was sweet as Irish Cream
(Em) Her beauty was beyond compare
(G) Green eyes and locks of Auburn hair
(Asus2) I missed my chance, to hold a dream..
Of Sweet Irish (Em) Cream
** LEAD: 1 full measure of everything Em Dsus2 Asus2 (x2) Em / G / Asus2 (x2)
The years they came;
the years they went,
and now I write my heart's lament
I strum the chords
and sing the words of..
Sweet Irish Cream
++ Repeat CHORUS ++
** DBL LEAD: 2 full measures of everything
Em Dsus2 Asus2 (x2) Em / G / Asus2 (x2)

++ Repeat CHORUS ++
Tag lines: OF.. Sweet Irish Cream / Yeah, She was a Sweet Irish Dream
OF Sweet Irish Cream Quick
(guitar) lick to end ;-)