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Mixed by Dave Lange; Mastered by Ray Tilkens; Copyright w/ Library Congress by Gary Jay Hoffman; ISRC QMEU32009758; Guitar & main vocals by Gary; Fiddle/upright bass Mark Lewis; Hand clapping percussion by 1997 Ohio State Fair Hand Clapping/Slapping Champion Dave Lange; Hand thumping sound on guiar by Gary (because that be too hard on Hand Clapping/Slapping champion & would void the MILLION $ Insurance Policy on his hands ;-)
Warden Dave Lange; Sound effects from - walking/prison sounds YleArkisto, door open/closing pointparkcinema. Anvil sound courtesy Dave Lange.


Heartbreak Prison
E (capo 2, 5 string capo – drop E tuning)
NOTE: Chords below are chord pattern/shape with capo, not actual key/chord

(D) Guilty until innocent
(C) is her families way
(G) After many years of marriage she said
(D) “This is your judgment day”

(D) Your gonna make some changes
(C) And by the time that I get back
(G) You’ll be the perfect man I’ve wanted
or (D)hit the road jack

CHORUS: ---------------------------------------------
(G) The warden says she’s coming back
(F) And it’s hard row to hoe
(G) I’ve been sentenced to hard labor,
for (D) what I’ll never know
(D) It’s been 2 weeks since she left me..
(F) Got 33 more to go
I’m (C) stuck in ‘heart break (G) prison’,
where time keeps draggin slow (D)


Oh I love her and I hate her,
busting rocks - insanity
Working on this ol' rock-pile
feels like eternity

My heart is chained and shackled,
my heart’s in real bad shape
My heart is in a holding cell
it never can escape


I’m sitting here in wonder
Looking out these bars
Stuck in ‘heart break prison’,
wishin' I could see the stars

35 to life,
she sentenced me to jail
To leave don’t seem possible,
my heart will always fail

then slow....

CAPO Chord translations:
CAPO 2: Verse: {D C G D x2}
CAPO 2 Chorus: {G F G D F C G D}
Verse: {E D A E x2}
Chorus: {A G A E G D A E}