From the recording Back to the Farm

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Mixed by Dave Lange; Mastered by Ray Tilkens; Copyright w/ Library Congress by Gary Jay Hoffman; ISRC QMEU32009759; Guitar and vocals Gary; Harmonica / Conertina Vince Fireball; Upright Bass Mark Lewis; Cabasa hand percussion Nathan Jay Strong. OOOOs backup vocals Nancy Griffith Cochran.


Back To The Farm
KEY D /Db/Bm7/Em/A CAPO 2: C Cb Am7 Dm G
I remember a time when I was NEVER in a hurry
When I thought I had forever in this world
Laying on the bank, fishin' bobber in the pond
Watching clouds pass by me overhead.

As we grew up so DID the towns around us
And our little two-lane backwoods country road
Turned into a 4-lane busy highway
Plowing straight.. for my childhood.

The road to progress is paved with good intention
Full of dreams of better days and guarantees
Yes, the road to progress is paved with good intention
Til it's paving over your childhood.

See our big old country house high up on that hill
See the front porch wrapped around just like a hug
Won't ya come on in and sit down for a spell
Stove to warm you.. Snug as a bug.

From the back porch you can see that old barn
Milked the cows and built a music room upstairs
We had fun sledding down the back hill in the snow
Til we ended up in Frying Pan Creek.



MOM thanks for raising us in the country
DAD for teaching us to work hard every day
Now we're trying hard to raise our kids just like you taught us
Free to show... kindness every day

Now days I don't like driving down CENTREVILLE road
Except.. down the memories of my mind
And dad I remembered that last job that you gave me
For sure.. I remember you!

The road to progress is paved with good intention
So I let my DREAMS and MEMORIES carry me
Back to a time when things were simpler
Back to the farm in my childhood.