1. Falling

From the recording Falling

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Copyright Gary Jay Hoffman


FALLING 4/23/2022 ver2 w tweaks 4/26/2022 – Copyright 5/16/2022 Gary Jay Hoffman

The first time I picked her flowers ... was FIFTY some yrs ago

Some.. were dandelions ,.. but you said I love you so

Last time I picked her flowers was just a few days ago

Told her that I loved her, she said I know that it is so

Falling, falling ... like the snow from above

Crying, OH crying ... we tried to show our love

Now the snow is falling on the dogwood and purple plum

It's a cold cold April morning ... and I miss you mum
**** LEAD follows CHORUS ****

Some day we plan to meet ... down by the shore

A promise ... guaranteed, that I know for sure

Tears and the pain will melt like the snow

As the enemy is crushed by the final blow


Falling, no more falling ... hear HIS voice from above

Dying, NO more dying, as HE shows HIS love

Now the blooms are calling from the dogwood and purple plum

It's a beautiful SPRING morning ... as I hug my mum