From the recording Heartbreak Prison

Recorded at Mintons Music Studio


GARY Heartbreak Prison
E (capo 2, 5 string capo – drop E tuning)
(D)Guilty until innocent (C)is her families way
(G)After many years of marriage she said
(D)“This is your judgment day”
(D)Your gonna make some changes &
(C)by the time that I get back
(G)You’ll be the perfect man I’ve wanted
or (D)hit the road jack
CHORUS: --------------------------------------------------------
(G)The warden says she’s coming back &
(F)it’s hard row to hoe
(G)I’ve been sentenced to hard labor,
for (D)what I’ll never know
(D)It’s been 2 weeks since she left me.. (F)Got 33 more to go
I’m (C)stuck in ‘heart break (G)prison’,
where time keeps draggin slow (D)
I love her & I hate her, busting rocks insanity
Working on this ol' rock-pile feels like eternity
My heart is chained & shackled,
my heart’s in real bad shape
My heart is in a holding cell it never can escape
As I’m sitting here in wonder & looking through these bars
Stuck in ‘heart break prison’, wishin I could see the stars
35 to life, is the sentence for me in jail
To leave don’t seem possible, my heart will always fail
**RPEAT CHORUS** then slow....
CAPO 2: Verse: {D C G D x2} Chorus: {G F G D F C G D}
Verse: {E D A E x2} Chorus: {A G A E G D A E}